Design and implementation of a landing page that converts for a home-swapping exchange platform.

UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design


KazaSwap is a WhatsApp community of +10k members looking to swap their homes for travel as an alternative to expensive Airbnb accommodations. The founders of the community developed a platform to make it easy for community members to send swap requests, list their flats on the marketplace, build their profile and interact with each others. KazaSwap needed a performing landing page to transition from the WhatsApp groups to their new online network. I was tasked to build a page that encourages members and new prospects to quickly understand the concept and the added-value of the platform so they can sign up. The KazaSwap team also needed help coming up with and organizing the content. Through several brainstorming sessions we wrote and presented the content in a way that the user quickly get the essence of the product and the value of the different features.


Built on Webflow, I created multiple animations from fixed images and texts to design a punchy fully-responsive landing page with movements and call-to-actions to encourage visitors to sign up to the platform.

  • Launched on April 12th 2024 via the KazaSwap WhatsApp groups, the landing page converted in 900 signups and 300 flats registrations in the first 2 weeks.
  • Best SEO-practices have been implemented and KazaSwap.co is already the first result when searching on Google for "Kaza Swap" and closed search terms.


“Erwan’s work led to a landing page that not only looked great but also delivered really high conversion rates. He had a clear genuine interest in understanding our goals, ensuring that the design perfectly aligned with our objectives. I appreciated the several brainstorming sessions we had where he helped craft the Kaza Swap message and value proposition to our community. Looking forward to working again on future design ideas and also marketing strategies as he helped us acquire an existing Instagram community and turn it into Kaza Swap.”

Johann Bremont, KazaSwap founder.